Zack Sedona Sept 2010

  • Train your dog using methods that they understand.
  • Build your dog’s confidence and desire to please
  • Discover barriers to your dog’s learning that are often overlooked.
  • Customize services that address your issues


  • Aggression towards other dogs and people
  • Chewing, digging, destructive behavior
  • Jumping, barking
  • Chasing cars, cats & other moving objects



Blue webI’ve worked with Kim on anxiety and fear aggression issues with my dog. Kim is the quintessential trainer. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and completely professional. She’s also kindhearted with a good sense of humor! Within a short period of time working with Kim, my dog has become far less anxious and is calmer walking near other dogs. And, the notes she writes up afterward are exceptionally helpful! I learned new tools every time we met. I highly recommend Kim. Melinda E


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Our two dogs had behavioral issues such as jumping, barking, stealing food, and poor manners in general. One dog even had fear based dog aggression and severe car anxiety. Kim did an absolutely fantastic job dealing with all of our dogs’ problems using lots of positive reinforcement. She had clear knowledge of the best ways to fix poor dog behavior without any harmful methods. Kim is a wonderful person who was fantastic to work with. We had four lessons and our dogs vastly improved. She knew when our dogs did not need her help anymore and did not try and continue with lessons they did not need. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for any type of dog training from aggression problems to poor manners because she will do an outstanding job and one can tell she very much loves dogs. Ana T


We have been working with Kim for a few months, and she has been the answer to our Ranger standing menacing
prayers. Our dog, Ranger that we rescued as a two month old started showing dog aggression at about one year of age. We didn’t know what to do! We love our dog very much. Kim immediately began making a difference. Her techniques and expertise have helped to bring out the very best in Ranger. We are extremely grateful for Kim! Judy E


P1000309Kim’s methods are easy to follow and stick with. She is so knowledgeable and brought a bag of tricks to modify our dog’s behavior. Who would have thought- cookie sheets!? I learned so much about the way my dog communicates and what certain behaviors mean. Kim is amazing, a true professional!  Lisa J

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